Crush hugging me in front of her dad means anything?

So, I walk home with this girl after almost every school day, since we live near. We're highschool freshmen. The last day before holiday her dad waited for her and I met him. When we reached my street we shook hands and was unsure if I should hug the girl, I just wanted to say bye but she went on and hugged me. She sometimes leaves me the impression that she doesn't really like to be hugged when we're alone (and doesn't hug boys in general), so I was quite surprised.


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  • She likes you, and if she is not normally hugging guys than you are special to her. And especially in front of her dad, she feels comfortable enough around you and if her dad likes you than you are golden. She probably wants you to make a move. She told you she liked you with that hug. Congratulations :)

    • I'm thinking of asking her out, I think it's a good moment now as we already know each other pretty well.

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    • Thanks for the tips :)

    • No problem, hope everything goes well for you guys!


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  • whats the question?


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