Tips on getting a gf? Been single for 2years.. Help?

Hey so I've had like 3-4 gf's in middle school. It was nothing serious, i only kissed one and i didn't know how to kiss. So basically i haven't had a first real kiss yet. We broke up and i haven't dated anyone since. That was in 7th grade. I'm in my freshman year now in high school and I've been single for 2 years now. Also im in this program where i go to school once a week. So i dont meet a lot of girls and if i do i blush hardcore like a tomato, i hate it. Im a really shy guy and i want a gf. I've been single for 2 fucking years. Is there anything i can do? Like online relationships or something. do i need thereaphy? I don't know Im so lonely :/ help?

I really need help. Anyone help me? tips! Pls


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  • Haha, this is stupid.

    That aside since you don't hang around anyone and happen to be "shy" you're fucked. Odds are shit. Oh well.


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  • I have been single for 2 years and just got a bf am so happy! my advice is to wait and see, someone will come along soon


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  • Just talk to random chicks