Will my new girlfriend like my christmas gift? please help, giving it to her tomorrow ?

So i've had my gf for just over a month and she rarely wears jewellery, i don't think it's because she doesn't like it but more because she isn't like a girly girl... she does for special occasions and also her parents gave her jewlerry and she wears it but said something like "ya my parents gave me jewlerry, i don't really wear jewlerry but it's nice" or something like that... for Christmas i got her something i know she will like and also a somewhat cheap bracelet. not sure if she will like it. It is silver and is like a chain with silver balls on it and its not very flashy at all it's kinda plain (which i think she might like more than flashy).

I'm just really nervous and kinda want some opinions.


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  • She'll appreciate that you got her anything at all. & it's good if it's plain because she's not a girly girl. Maybe find the bracelet online & add a link so we can see it?


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  • she will like and if she doesn't she might wear it a couple times then put it away in her jewelry box, but don't be offended it's the thought that counts!

  • Just the fact you went and thought about what she might like is part of the gift, you never know! She may she love it!


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