He says he likes me, but never texts me or calls?

So he is shy type of guys, insecure and unexperienced. I said that i like him and after time he also said that likes me (we are yet not in intimate relations).
All the time i must to start texting. And one time i decided not to text him and it took about 3-4 months. so he also did nothing. But when i texted he seem to like it.
So i want to ask, is it normal for a guy who likes the girl not to contact her, just to ask how is going... i mean its so simple..
I just can't believe there can be such shy guys. Do you know so such guys?


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  • Sounds extremely insecure to the point he depends on you to make all the moves. He just need you to be blunt with him.
    Eg. "If you like me & want us to be an item- call me Friday "
    If no response, he's not ready for a relationship.


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  • Maybe he is waiting your actions for him and maybe is shy.


What Girls Said 1

  • 3-4 months? Thats a hell of a long time, if someone didn't text me back in that length of time, i would have moved on from him! Maybe he's too insecure to have a relationship. Shyness doesn't prevent someone responding to a text. Why bother to have a mobile if he's too shy to contact people on it. If he liked you enough, he wouldn't allow his shyness to prevent him from pursuing a relationship with you. I think he's not really into you like you are him.