Why are there dating rules and do you always have to have sex after a certain amount of them? (Average I think is 3) ?

It seems dating rules have been established for a long long time. And I don't feel the need to follow them but what one rule that gets me that would probably make men not want to go forward in a relationship with me is the "sex on the 3rd date" rule. Why is this? Maybe I'm still an immature 22 yr old that plays videogames but whatever. I'm just curious.


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  • The only rule that matters is your rule. I had a girlfriend for almost a year and we did not have sex. She waited for the man she wanted to marry. We remained good friends and I respect her feelings and our agreement at the time. You must be true to yourself and this dating rule is rubbish. Do what you feel is correct for you.


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  • Because humans need rules.


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