This ones for the guys out there?

Okay let's say there's this girl and she suffers with depression and anxiety ( not diagnosed by a doctor) to the point where she cries herself to sleep most nights and has suicidal thoughts but know one knows this as she keeps it to herself.

If you were dating this girl and she felt she 110% trusted you to tell you how she felt and what's going through her head but asked you not to tell anyone what would you do would you still tell someone or will you respect her wishes?

Also how would you react? Would you end things with this girl?

Just curious to see what you guys would do or girls what would you do if it was a guy


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  • I would try everything possible to make her happy and smile again. I will tell her that she's amazing everyday, that I love her etc... and to stop being depressive, youve got me etc... Advice her to maybe talk to a therapist or consult a professional if my help is not even enough, BUT if she still dont want to improve and help herself, I would break up with her. there's no point in staying with a girl that is constantly depressive, and dont want to do a single thing to improve it no matter what I do.

    Staying with someone depressive will only make you more depressive yourself, but if I love her, I will certainly try everything to keep her. But in the end, she's the one to make the decision


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  • Depression can be a chemical imbalance in a person's brain that makes them unable to get rid of it on their own. It's something that they need to seek help with, because just waiting it out probably won't work. And, depression completely saps a person's ability to do ANYTHING - that's also why the person NEEDS outside help, because they aren't going to do enough themselves to make themselves healthy.

    That person should first talk to their parents and have them take that person to a licensed therapist experienced in dealing with depression as soon as possible. That therapist can put the person on medication and also therapy, which combined, assuming it's a therapist who knows what they're doing, may be able to help, definitely much more than anyone can here.

  • I would suggest therapy and maybe tell their mother or father or sibling given that they were a very close family. In many cases I wouldn't tell anyone, but it depends on how serious it is and if there is anything I could do about it.

    • Okay but what if the girl doesn't trust anyone except or else she wouldn't have told you

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    • In this specific case. how could they break your trust? What are you afraid of happening if you open up to them?

    • Let's just say in the past they haven't exactly believed anything I've told them when I did come to them and if someone said I did something they would automatically believe that person without even asking me I don't know what exactly I done to make them like this towards me I just know they've been like this for as long as I can remember I remember getting bullied but I'd be the one to have to apologise.

      And I'm afraid of being judged by them depression runs in our family I mean my own mam has it but when they heard someone in our family had it and was hurting herself about a year ago they came up with every excuse they could oh she's just looking for attention she always dramatic I don't want people thinking I'm making this up for attention

  • i would not tell anyone and try to help... please look for professional help, if you have suicidal thoughts, that´s nothing one should joke around about. there is no shame in going to a therapist.

    • I know that and I do want to go to a therapist it's just I'm not exactly 18 and by law they can contact my parents but I do plan on seeing a therapist someday

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    • Oh I'm not I just needed to hear guys opinions on this for future references

    • ok then :) i personally don´t talk about stuff, that was specifically asked to be kept secret.

  • I would not tell anyone but I would recommend to her to see a therapist.

    • Would you still stay with the girl?

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    • Well, it's gonna be a good life, girl.

    • Oh trust me I know I'm not giving in

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