How can I avoid the friend zone when I'm about to approach a new girl? Does the friendzone depend on looks?

I'm getting ready to approach a girl, I'm afraid I will fall into the friendzone if I say the wrong things, what advice do you have for me. And do looks determine if your friend material?


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    Those who fear the Friendzone are doomed to fall into it. Be brave. Face the portal with courage. And do not back down. No matter what you do when you stare into the portal do not blink for it stares back into you as well and when you close your eyes you are somehow transported to the other side.

    Sword in hand ready yourself to slay the beasts of Boredom and Awkwardness. Then, upon your fine steed that is Courage you will prevail and win The Heart. Also, penis time.


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  • friend zoned based on looks is the Men's department.

    Being friend zoned by women is because you dont have characteristics that show them that you'll be able to handle them. Ultimately, women want a guy that they feel have the traits to be able to handle their bads and goods. And since each person's bads and goods are different, you gotta train to be perceptive with each encounter and not generalize us all in one group.

  • So she isn't your friend yet? I though friendzone is when you're friends and end up falling for your friend and he/she doesn't feel the same and just wants to stay friends.

    Do you mean how can you avoid rejection?

    • He means how can he avoid falling into the friend zone if he happens to fall for a girl he meets, I think

    • @JJackson36 see, this damn word changes meaning all the time wtf lol

      "Approaching" this word is usually used when like trying to get at someone for a date or relationship, not a friend.

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  • Looks don't matter. Girls love confidence. It gives them a different thought towards your way of being. Guys who are attractive that creep girls out fall into the friendzone. Be direct and state your wantings to her. Start giving her compliments and get to know her. That'll get her attention throughout time. "If you want to be together, you have to-get-her"

  • I think the friendzone does depend a lot on looks. Girls give a lot more leeway to the really good looking guys.