Why does my boyfriend always?

Hey so I'm 15 and my boyfriend is. we have been going out for a little over a month. he's my fist bf so I'm not sure of what everything means. I notice he always put his hands like in-between my thighs or very near my like crotch area like one hand just there in not sure what it really means, I'm not sure if it means nothing or something or he's just putting his Hand there just because, I just wanna get some kind of idea of what it means

Just wanna say thanks and sorry if it seems kinda of a stupid question >.< just wondering about stuff ! Thanks again guys :)


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  • it might just be a place for him to put his hand. or more likely he enjoys feeling the heat between your legs.


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  • Well... there is something interesting to boys in that area you mention, and he is not accidentally putting his hands there. You might to have him remove his hands from that place until you are both a little more ready for things.

  • It definitely seems like he is trying to test and push your boundaries, and that he wants more from you.


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  • He shouldn't be taking such liberties with you. At 15 and with the first bf, his hands shouldn't be anywhere near your crotch or between your thighs. He wants sex from you. Don't let him pressure you into anything.

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    • I've been there. My hs boyfriend did little things and made comments for a while. We were together for like 4 months before we finally had sex. Two months later, I was pregnant. At age 17. Don't go there.

    • crystalt70 Never did I say we have dicussed having sex. And I would never give into peer pressure of having sex etc cuz I'm only 15 and I know I'm not ready and if he pressured me with anything more likely I would end It

  • Not a stupid question at all. He might be testing your boundaries. If you're not comfortable with him touching you near your private parts tell him.