Is online dating successful?

Not really into the whole online dating thing… To me, it’s kind of weird. But I’m having difficulty trying to find someone. So I thought about trying the online dating out.

Is online dating successful? Any stories you would like to share?


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  • What I've heard and read, mostly from girls then is that most guys on the dating sites are creeps and several girls says those guys actually say something like "If you're looking on a date site you must be desperate".

    I don't know myself but at the same time I'm septic about it, seeing as anyone could actually be behind the other screen, just sending pictures and talking over the phone is not enough, it can all be faked.

    One of the most recent stories I read was that some girl found a guy but the guy actually sent pictures of his oldest son to her and he was 10 years older then his profile said and that he tried to lure her away to Thailand.

    I'm sorry I might have read the worst stories and there probably are really nice people on those sites as well, the thing is to find them trough all lies and deceives the rest are putting out, if you're going on one of those sites, make sure you take every safety precaution you possibly can and remember to meet in a really crowded place if you get that far.


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  • I swore up and down for years that I wouldn't try online dating (I figured that people have gotten together without it since the beginning of time, so why do I need it? lol), but after considering it further, I decided that if the resource is there why not use it? I went on a few dates from an online service...nothing earth-shattering or long-term resulted, but they were fun and I met a few good women on there.

    Like anything else, be careful about what information you choose to reveal in the course of interacting with others online. There are plenty of unscrupulous, creepy or criminal characters out there who thrive on the relative mask of anonymity that the Internet can provide. Arrange to meet dates in public places only, and don't be afraid to chat with someone for a good length of time before setting up a meeting. Good luck!


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  • I didn't think online dating would work but all of my friends were trying it, none of them were successful but I decided to give it a try anyway. I actually met some really cool interesting new guys and went on a couple of dates.

    You just have to be aware of the crazies and creeps on the site. Have conversations with a guy before you decide you'll meet up with him and make sure it's a very public place when you do.

    I'll admit that I was very skeptic of the whole online dating thing because I'm a very realistic person and hard to persuade but I guess I was a one of lucky girls, and didn't meet any crazies in person.

    One of the guys I met is now my boyfriend and we've been officially dating for 3 months now and have been seeing each other since march :) so I'd say it was successful for me.

  • I met a guy from a online dating site when I was 18 and dated him almost 5 years (we just broke up recently) and I've been casually seeing another guy I met from the same site as of recently. My best friend met her boyfriend on the same site and have been dating almost two years. Another friend met her exboyfriend also on the same site and dated about 3 years. Occasionally you have wonderful luck finding someone, but as with anything (even the bar scene) you get a few creeps.