Do you think it's disrespectful for a guy to be flirting with other girls BEFORE becoming an official couple?

A few days before we became official, he would still speak to her as if he was single but we have been seeing each other for months. He doesn't talk speak to her often now but they're still in contact (they have mutual friends).

They've been friends for around two years and have hooked up many times within that period. He jokes about hooking up with her again and the things he wants to do with her. They have an extremely flirtatious and sexual friendship, he's literally told her that she's irresistible to him and that he has no control around her when they're alone together. She liked him but I'm not sure if he's ever had feelings for her as well.


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  • sorry i am a little unclear of the scenario you are asking about...


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  • "but I'm not sure if he's ever had feelings for her as well." Well isn't that a bit contradicting following that whole second paragraph?


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  • Hey there,
    I suppose if you guys aren't official YET then you can't say anything about him talking to her. But the YET part allows you to say something about how he talks to you about the girl. He's rubbing it in your face and that is disrespectful. You should talk to him and ask him if he's on the same page as you are and if he wants the relationship you guys share, to progress the way you want it to.
    If he does, then yes, I think it is disrespectful. But it could also be a way of making you want him even more.
    Hope I helped :)
    - B x