Do you think a lot about how you "rank" in attractiveness versus how someone you are interested in "ranks"?

I find myself waffling over this way too much, and I find I probably over or under estimate myself, and over or under estimate others, usually to the end of creating an unbridgeable gap... perhaps it is a form of avoidance?

I don't even know how to rank myself and others by a number, I've been told I'm ugly and I've been told I was the most beautiful woman in a large set. I sense I'm generally regarded as highly attractive but on a bad day I just feel tired and frumpy and imagine this is how I look. I guess I rank it relatively rather than absolutely


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  • I don't really do this. There will probably be someone who finds you attractive and someone who finds you unattractive and someone who finds you semi-attractive. it just depends. Your mood can affect how you rate yourself. It all just depends and prone to change


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  • Yes I do think about this a lot. If you had a rating scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being super attractive I would probably be a minus 356 in most girls eyes. The girls I go for are about a 8 or higher many of them. Anyway it does not matter I am going into hiding in the dating world, been treated like scum way to many times when I am good person.

  • Nope, my level of attractiveness is Sky high

  • I guess to some extent yes. Like I'd never go up to a 9/10 or 10/10

    However if I find a 5/10 attractive I'm not going to say i'm a 6/10 or whatever and not talk to them


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