Why is he giving me dead silence now?

This guy's and I went on two dates. Each time he seemed excited to see me and made plans way in advance. The last date was last Fri. I texted him after the weekend since I had not heard from him and he answered me and asked me to hang out. I told him I couldn't because I was going home for Christmas. Yesterday he texted me to see what my plans are this weekend. He also told me his and told me he was not doing anything Sunday. When I asked him of he wanted to get together on Sunday he has not answered since. I don't understand why someone would text you if you're not Inte rested anymore and if they don't want to see you.


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  • seen this one before.

  • Hmm, maybe he got annoyed. I don't know why as some boys have odd disabilities in the brain. Neurological disorders.


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