What does it mean when he's response was "I like you too, you're pretty cool" ?

I've been seeing this guy for like 2 months now, he had came into in agreement that it was going to be casual and simple. After like a week, he started calling me baby then he started texting me more often and telling me that he misses me. He is always telling me how he likes something about me... compliments! We probably see each other like every 3 nights and I stay over at his place one of those nights. Then he intruduced me to one of his best friends. And then he tells me that I should start going to his gym but we weren't going to be able to tell people that we are dating because he can't date clients. And one day he just decides to give me a simple kiss in the mouth risking it that somebody would see us. So to me, I started to think that he was starting to like me more than just to have a casual relationship. Last night after having sex, I decided to tell him that I like him, and he's response was "I like you too, (kiss) you're pretty cool" that confused me because to me when I say your pretty cool, it means that I'm not sure if I like you enough for a relationship. What do you guys think, is that what he meant by it as well?

Ps. This morning he said "you just won my heart"
I think it was because I gave him a present that he loved! Aha But confused me even more hehe

I just dont want to get more attached if he doesn't really like me for a relationship in the future... I want to keep my distance!


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  • My guess is that he really likes you. Keep watching how he behaves.


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  • You should ignore him. He is deceiving you.

  • He might not be very smooth and was panicking to find the words to say.


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