So I need advice. I'm talking to three people and I have feelings for all of them but two are saying they're in love with me. Any advice?

Three people. Two guys and a girl. Both the guys are saying they love me and I don't know what to do. I don't want to hurt anyone but at the same time I feel really bad about talking to all of them at the same time.. Help?


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  • I know it might be hard but you really just need to pick one and let the others know your choice. It's not nice to lead them on and it will likely hurt them even more if they find out that you have been romantically involved with two others while still talking to them.

    • Yeah that's what I'm attempting to do and I think I've pretty much made up my mind. I just don't know how to tell the other two BC I don't like to hurt people..

    • I would just explain to them that you aren't trying to hurt their feelings but that it wouldn't be right for you to lead them on and that you think this is the best decision. They might feel hurt but just remind them that they would probably rather you break it off now than get in too deep with you and hurt more for it later.


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  • Ditch the third. Make the other two fight to the death.

    Alt: Ditch the two easy ones. Continue on the third.

  • Lesson of the day: Don't lead people on

  • Hoe much? Lol


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  • That... sounds exhausting. The "having feelings for 3 people" thing.
    Advice: Make up your mind. If you can't, then tell them that you're not interested. Unless of course all of you guys are into polyamory. Which would kind of solve your problem.
    Kind of.