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I started a new job not to long ago, and I am just getting to know everyone there. One day, this guy at work, whom I though was cute, but never really thought of him in anyway ask for my snapchat. Weird, but I gave him my phone to put his name in because I was really busy at the moment. Anyway, he starts snap chatting me sayings things like "why are you so cute?" And flirting with me. I brushed it off because one: I have a boyfriend and two: I was super caught off graud. Anyway, I got tired of snapchatting so I gave him my number, and we texted for a couple of weeks flirting whatever; harmless. He was always asking to hang out and go to the beach, but I always blew him off and made some accuse because of the relationship that I am in, and I guess I just really wasn't interested. Okay, so here is it gets interesting... one night, after work, I didn't have a ride home and he asked if I needed one. I said sure because he had to deliver out there anyways (obvi he's a delivery boy) he was driving really fast and trying to act cool an whatever, but I had this pack of gum that had truth to dare games on it. Weird, I know. Anyways I asked him "truth or date?" He said "dare." And it read "write your number on this wrapper and pass it to a crush." He took it an then passed it back to me saying "you have my number." When we reached my house, we said there awkwardly in the car for a while intill I broke the silence saying "thanks for the ride." He leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and then looked me and asked to kiss me. I said "no, I can't." And he understood and later called and apologized for trying to kiss me. Long story short, we talked on the phone that night and flirted and hung out the next day and gave me foot rubs and was super sweet to me and everything. Now, I feel like I'm falling for him. He said he likes me and has a crush on me, and playfully touches me at work and stares at me. He knows I have a boyfriend.. now he's stopped. What does this mean?


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  • Well he's probably finally giving up since you're still with your boyfriend. You need to either break up with him, or stop flirting with this guy because your boyfriend doesn't deserve that.

  • Well stop flirting with guys behind your boyfriends back for a start, that ain't cool and i'd have dumped you straight away if I found out. Think about who you want more and act accordingly.


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