Black girl who has dated a white guy? Vice versa?

White guy who has dated a black girl, or black girl who has dated a white guy. How was the relationship? Are you still together? What made you break up if you're not together anymore? What kind of problems did you have, if you had any? What did you like about it?


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  • I had 3 boyfriends and they were white. The relationships was great and I'm single now nothing bad happened for me to break up it just didn't work out and I am still friends with them... I did not have any problems and no one bother me when I was with a white if you wondering about that as well. What I liked about it? I'm not really sure, all of my friends were white and the 3 that I had dated was my friends.


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  • I've been dating a black woman since November, and I'm happy to say that we're engaged in all but name. We already know that we want to get married, and I've already bought the ring. I'm going to present it to her when she comes to visit me next month. In the meantime, we talk constantly. :) Imagining life without her is like imagining life with only half my body. You might as well saw me in half from the head down as tell me to break up with her. The abridged answer to your question of "what is it like" is that it's the hardest task I ever loved.

    The biggest problem I have run into is that when she's angry, she has the bad habit of expressing it indirectly, leaving me to blindly poke and prod for where it came from and what I can do about it. The other, lesser "main" problem has been race, though probably not from the angle you're expecting. She used to lightheartedly wish that I was black, her father was initially very upset with her for getting involved with me, and after having the misfortune of witnessing a violent, outlandishly hateful outburst from an unknown white woman at an unknown black woman in a restaurant in the town where she currently works and going over Internet videos about America's racial past, she told me that for that one grisly, mercifully short span of time, she had been capable of welcoming the romantic attention of a black man just to spite me because I was white. At the worst moments in our relationship, making her happy again feels like pushing a boulder up a hill.

    However, the good things wonderfully outweigh the bad things. When the atmosphere is right--and that's most of the time--we find perfect solace in and harmony with each other. Words cannot describe how wonderful our norm is. We simply can't get enough of each other, we're perfectly aligned on the religious axis, and we have the exact same goals as spouse and parent. She is wonderfully considerate, passionate, and loyal... so blessedly loyal. At least two men (more like three) have knowingly tried to lure her away from me, they all have more worldly assets than I, and one of them has been supremely pig-headed in his refusal to know when he's beaten (he even takes base advantage of the fact that her {soon to be former} job is to care for his grandma to visit her), yet she has steadfastly refused them all. In the final tally, she is everything I could ever want in a woman and more besides. I would relive every trauma I have ever endured if it brought me back to her.


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  • Would a half black and white count?
    Just felt more like friends and we were still cool!

  • I've dated a lot of white men and the relationship is the SAME as any other ethnic relationship:)
    Still close friends with some of them