A possible boyfriend?

Ok so I just started a new job in my hometown and their is a guy there who I think is into me due to a lot of flirting. Of course I've known him my whole life and we went to school together a little while back (but had different classes). I really want to consider dating this guy but I have heard rumors that he has a girl friend, and I don't want to hurt our working relationship if he does.

Ok so I guess my question here is how to I find out if he has a girlfriend without being to akward? And if he is single how do I let him know that I do like him and still get him to be flirty at work but not too flirty?


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  • This sounds like one for Thingy2.


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  • Hmmm... I think you should tickle him until he tells you. If he doesn't tell you tickle him until he passes out, than check his phone. (Thingy 1, I never did this to you. I promise...)