I have a thing for sociopaths? They turn on me?

Theory: sociopaths are the manliest to me. Like if you think of the animal kingdom. They're so hot to me. I can't help it
Ted bundy, Charles Manson type
And other celebs I find to be sociopaths are Marilyn Manson, eminem the game. They just actually seem like they play mind games well.
Also movie characters like Michael Meyers and jason vooheers. I actually want tattoos of them
Is anyone else like this?
Ps: not a troll


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  • Standard hybristophile


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  • Well, just to state the obvious.. Out of 7 billion people you are not the only one. As a sociopath, that sounds pretty cool. Just curious, do you know the textbook definition of one? (Most people don't.)

    • Someone who has no conscience
      Disorder where someone presents theirselves in antisocial behavior
      Yet they're charming at times too
      They could fool people.

      In my opinion they have feelings except guilt for others and things they do. They know how to read people VERY well. I tried researching that part, but not much info. That's my theory

    • I think sociopaths can read people just as good as a psychologist if not better

    • Yeah, you basically have it. Mostly it's just a person that has antisocial behaviors and/or lacks the ability to empathize with others' feelings. Although it is easy to fool people like you said. I hate it when people mistake sociopaths for psychopaths.

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  • Honestly, there are a number of women like yourself who are turned on by sociopaths. Since they don't give a crap and do what they want they could be seen as the ultimate bad boy. Truthfully though, do you really want to be with someone who just sees you as an object and not a human? Who would manipulate, hurt, etc you in order to gain something for themselves?

  • You need help.

  • I'd consider seeing a therapist. Or maybe you're a masochist.