Does he like me or no?

So I became friends with this other dude who's in one of my classes and when we met he put his number in my contacts, then a few months later he started hugging me from behind, one time i didn't bother to move in for the hug so he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him. He tickled me one time when i was wearing a crop top and he ended up caressing my side. Then he started whispering in my ear "I love you" repeatedly. One time he found a pen and started smacking my butt with it. he tries to make me go on a date with him but i rejected him. We text pretty much every day and he called me these: "Baby" "My Love" "Beautiful". Sometimes he'll text me asking if i want to cuddle with him. Sometimes he'll send a kissy emoji like: 😘. I need help

I meant to post this about last year: so in my last class i started talking and became friends with a dude who i didn't know he's in my homeroom. Anyways whenever I walked into the classroom, he would stare at my bum and whenever I say anything to him, he'll stare at my lips and licks his lips. He even stares directly in my eyes. One time he had a "perverted" moment and almost squeezed my breast.
So anyone who said "he likes you" you're correct. Congrats! My other friend made him show his jealousy side


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  • Welcome to the plague known as teenage boys and raging hormones.

  • He likes you. I guess.

  • Do you not like this guy or do you like him? Because this dude is all about you he thinks you're the best girl in the world :)

    • Im starting to have feelings for him but i dont know

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    • Okay i'll try

    • Ignore my opinion when i said i like him because he has a girlfriend already

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  • I think it's pretty clear he likes you (:

  • He likes you