What can I do to bring the chase back?

I was set up with a girl for her sorority formal and we instantly hit it off. We danced a bit and we hooked up there nothing more than made out. To make things short, we went out on a date and she was feeling me and we kissed at the end, however the next few days and weeks I definitely came on too strong and I made it known that I was interested. She started pushing me away a bit and at that point I just asked her where this was headed to which she responded "we don't need to take this too fast and I'm just dating around right now". We haven't talked in almost a month and I have no idea what my next play is. My friend keeps telling me that I need to hold off for a few more weeks and then just text her casually but what do you guys think?


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  • I THINK. when a girl really really likes you.. she doesn't tell you "I'm just dating around " she doesn't want to give u the chance to find another girl. Maybe u should find another girl who gives only u her time.


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  • I know nothing of childish games. :( I want to watch this question to learn.