What would you make your significant other for a romantic dinner?

I am dating a chef and would like to make him dinner for a change. If you were to plan a romantic meal for your significant other, what would you serve? Entree and desert, please.

I should also add that his favorite cuisine is Mexican.


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  • That depends on what she and I like. If she wanted something exotic though I would probably make.

    Appetizer: Shrimp De Inferno

    Side: Sweet Potatoes in Cashew-Pineapple Sauce

    Main: Vanilla Buffalo with Cranberry-Chile Pesto

    Desert: Palta Pudding with Raspberry Coco sauce

    • Wow, very specific and interesting! Thank you for the comment!

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    • Wow, I will have to look that book up! We are both very adventurous when it comes to food, so something like this would be perfect!

    • I would defiantly recommend it if you like that stuff lol.

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  • His favorite dish. But add my own little kick to it. And set the mood too, dim lights, candles and wine


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  • Starter = Bruschetta
    Main = Sea food Paella
    Dessert= Dark Chocolate souffle

    • Seafood seems to be a prevalent theme here.

  • Well, I'm no chef. But if it was a romantic dinner, I would say fish (salmon), steamed mixed vegetables, mashed potatoes and gravy with white wine. Your chef would probably have a better idea, especially if it's a romantic one.

    • That sounds delicious! I am having him over for New Year's Eve, so want something light for dinner and probably going to have a cheese and fruit platter with wine later on that evening.

  • Hot Pockets!

  • Delecatessa Chicken Alfredo with black olives and a few slices of grilled Italian sausage , and for dessert a slice of Oreo pie. 8)


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  • never try to out-do a chef. stick with what you know. i like to make bowtie pasta with shrimp, snow peas, and mushrooms in a light creamy sauce. i also make a really awesome apple pie. so that's what i would do.

    • bruschetta as an appetizer. so easy to make. so delicious.

    • Oh, I have no intentions in attempting to out do him! It just would not happen as much as I tried! He has 23 years experience. I am a pretty talented cook myself, but not a trained chef by any means. I just want to do something special for him and let him relax for a change.

      The pasta sounds good!

  • I only good at stir fry noodles.