Should I stop seeing my Tinder guy because of his extreme shallowness?

I met a really good looking guy on Tinder about a month ago. Our first date was a little bit awkward since I was really nervous, but we actually hit it off really well in conversation, and since then have continued going on many dates. He finds me to be attractive and tells me often, which I don't mind really. But I have a complex... Even though I am relatively thin, I have a lot of stretch marks on the back of my calves (because my legs are thicker than the rest of my body) even though the rest of my body is fine. The other night, he happened to say that he liked that I didn't have cellulite or stretch marks on my body... uh oh. Should I take that as a sign I should break it off now before we really start to begin a relationship in which it would be harder to break up? Is it something guys can learn to accept or would it be a deal breaker for him that he can't show me off in front of his friends come summertime?


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  • What a jerk. Your choice really but to say that to a woman is very shallow.


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  • You can try but I think you should tell him about the stretch marks, that way you can see his true intentions. If he like regardless of the stretch marks great! But if not, go for a better man.

    • Oh, yeah, I definitely told him I have a lot of them on my legs. To which his response was "Yeah, well everyone has stretch marks and small amounts of cellulite" and even showed me his stretchmarks. But what was the point of saying something so shallow?

    • He tried to flatter you or somewhat compliment he might not mean it, but guys do like to compliment women about their looks. As men are they are attracted to a woman's beauty.

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  • O to the M to the G. Like WTFWTFWTF.

    Okay for real. Don't break it off; just tell him you do have your imperfections and be very specific. If he can't deal with that, well then shame on him. Just give him one chance, i mean no offense but you sound rather insecure so chances are you might have interpreted him wrongly.