Have you ever dated someone you weren't quite attracted to physically but their personality was amazing?

Have you ever dated some one who's personality was amazing but who just wasn't quite as attractive as you'd hoped? I was messaged by a woman online and when I read her profile I instantly knew I wanted to meet her.

Normally I'm fairly unenthusiastic about online dating and message back and forth for a week or more, but with this woman I responded back and told her I didn't want to waste any time because I already knew I wanted to meet her and scheduled a date. She said she felt the same and agreed to it.

Of course I saw her pictures, but I know I hate my pictures and women I've dated and found attractive have horrible pictures on their FB, so I didn't really think much of it. Unfortunately when we met she looked the same as her pictures, but we really clicked and had an awesome date.

Now it's three weeks later and I'm not sure what I should do. I really do like her and I can't stop thinking about her and I want to keep seeing her, but I can tell she's really falling for me because she's texting me everyday, dropping subtle hints that she's not interested in other guys like telling me she deactivated her online dating account. Like I said, I want to keep seeing her, but I feel like I'm "supposed" to find her more attractive and that if I don't I'll eventually lose interest, even though that isn't the case now, and I don't want to lead her on.

Have you been in this situation before? How did it turn out? If you broke up do you think the lack of physical attraction play any significant role? Did you stay together and your attraction grew?

To clarify, my "standards" are not that high. My best friend has pulled me aside multiple times say "she looks like a dude" or "you can do way better". Maybe he and I just have different taste because I don't find his girlfriend attractive either, and I knew her before he even met her. Regardless, as long as I find a woman at least a little bit attractive then her personality is what I care about.


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  • I dated a guy I thought was funny looking but I was also attracted to him sometimes.

    you find her completely unattractive? or just not drop dead gorgeous?

    • Not completely unattractive, but I am unsure about if I am. Borderline I guess. I am very attracted to her as a whole person, but like I said I guess I'm worried that I'm "supposed" to be more attracted to her. Movies and TV shows always show attractive people so maybe that's why. I was just curious of the experiences of real people for perspective.

      I really do like her and want to keep seeing her and I feel terrible for posting this even though it's anonymous. She'd probably cry if she ever knew. I was hoping someone would say yeah they've been in this situation before, and they went for, and they lived happily ever after lol. Or at least if they broke up it had nothing to do with physical attraction. That would make me less worried that I might eventually decide I'm not attracted to her. Dating really sucks even when things are going well, lol.

    • just go for it then. it sounds like you're both really into each other and you are actually attracted to her.


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  • Beauty changes but a good personality will always be there. As long as your semi attracted to them everything else should fall into place if she's the right one. Just stop worrying about what everyone else is saying or what you should be doing and do what you think is best for yourself.

  • As you get older all people get ugly unless they do surgery or pills or something. bottom line if you like her, have fun, laugh, trust and just enjoy her company then go for it!


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  • I have to find someone physically attractive or I won't want to date them. Your comment about differing standards and tastes is bang on the money - I get similar comments from people about the girls I think are cute but I don't pay any attention to it, because *I* like the way she looks.

    I've dated several women who were far more attractive in person than their pictures showed.

  • No, but I'm thinking about it right now