He likes other girls' pictures on Instagram - should I be worried?

I have been dating a guy for 2 months now, he's asked me many times to become official - but I'm not quite ready. He's also told me he loves me. We are exclusive, but before we become official I want to be completely sure.

Yesterday he commented on a girl's bikini picture on Instagram (not related to her body), but he was the only one to comment. He's also liked maaany of her pictures before we met on Facebook. He also started following a different girl that looks similar (while we were on a weekend trip together!) and has a lot of revealing pictures. It really makes me feel like crap... like I'm not good enough and he's settling for second best. I confronted him and of course he got defensive. Should I be worried?


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  • If he really likes you and wants to be with you then your body should be the one being complemented. if he gets turned on by looking at other girls then he doesn't fully want to be with you. if there was a crowded room full of hot chicks and you were in it. he would go to you. if he's looking at other girls then he is not fully committed to being with you. if it bothers you and that doesn't affect him then find another guy that will find you the only attractive girl he sees.


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  • No don't be overprotective he can have other friends that are girls and he can think they're hot as long as he just looks and doesn't touch

  • No. Not at all.


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