Wait, what the crap does he mean?

I had an ex I dated from age 17-21 off an on. He was never a great person to me but I was young and stupid. We had a brief fling about 4 years ago and like always he disappeared once he got all he could out of me.
A few months ago we ran into each other and he begged me to give him another chance, to show me he was a changed person who had decided to grow up. I did and he is. I love the guy that he is now. He's kind and considerate, polite, and seems to be remorseful for the past.
I personally kind of believe that since we can't stay away from each other and have spent half of our lives in a romantic way this could just be a sign. He tells me he is emotionally damaged and needs plenty of time. I am OK with time, but should I even waste it since I don't know if he will ever be willing to make that leap? He says he may be, but it depends on what day it is. Any insight?


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  • in short... NO. don't waste your time...


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