My ex likes someone else but still texts me... am I being used? PLS HELP?

I broke up w/ my ex bf 5 months ago (we dated for 10) and we recently just started texting again after randomly bumping into each other for the 3rd time. He got my # the 3rd time we've seen each other & started texting. He was hugging me and telling me he missed me during. I believe it was sincere.

NOW... it's clear that he has his eye on a certain female who I was a little suspicious on a little before I broke up with him. Long story short, I guess she played him and she started dating or talking to one of his friends. He's clearly hurt b/c he's basically been ranting on Twitter about her. He texts ME flirting. I don't want him back, I just want to be friends. But he dosent know that. I feel like he just talking to me to keep his mind of her. He only wants me b/c she dosent want him. What do you guys think?

Oh and I think he has feelings for me an dosen't want to let me go completely but doesn't necessarily WANT me like he wants this other chick.


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  • Based on what you said: I think that he just finds comfort in you because you guys had history. You're easy to talk to to him, so if anything he might see you as a safe person that will be there for him when this other girl isn't. He's just trying to make himself feel better. Don't waste your time being a backup.


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  • I wouldn't even talk to him at all. He's just hurt and running to you to feel better, possibly to even make her jealous. Based on my experience, my ex and I were together for 2yrs, had a house together, and he ended up cheating back in August. Two weeks ago, he called me up crying, and wanting me back. Apparently he cheated on his new girl too, and she left. I asked him to leave me alone. Now him and his girl are back together...

  • Yes. Sorry to say

  • Is he trying to get you into bed? Does sex come up in the texts?

    • No they don't lol. He brings up stuff about our past relationship though.
      Plus we never really had sex lol I don't know how to explain. We did other things though.

    • He's using you but you can get him back... Write me privately