Do guys think about how they messed up with a girl as much as girls do?

Do guys think about how they messed up with a girl as much as girls do

Like saying something stupid
Getting a girl mad
Or just messing up you know


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  • To an extent. Im not really concerned about saying stupid things as much though. Im getting to the point where I am starting to accept myself, flaws and all. I know sometimes I hold a good conversation, sometimes I make intelligent or profound statements, other times I trip over my words. We all do. Some more than others but all in all its part of being human.

    I have also learned is never good to change yourself for someone elses sake. I realize that there are billons of girls out there. So if I engage in some sort of behavior that is destructive to relationships I look back on it as a learning experience so I can do better next time.


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  • YES! I've always wondered if girls do it as much as me! I'm the type of person that will contemplate on everything that went bad and ignore everything that went good, even though she probably doesn't even remember or even noticed what went wrong

  • Maybe, I don't know.


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