Should I text my ex everyday if we do have intentions to get back together?

Me and my ex broke up because we both agreed that we moved things to fast and that we have to slow down. We just know each other for about a month and already rushing to things. We broke up saying that maybe not now but we might be together sometimes in the future if things work out. Since it wasn't a bad breakup, should I text my ex everyday if we do have intentions to get back together?


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  • Hmmm this is tricky, did he ever mention anything about.. Needing his own time?

    • No just mentioned he feels like we're in the relationship but we don't "love" each other like we should because we didn't have enough time to even get to know each other that much to love each other, so we should end this and maybe it doesn't work out now it might be in the future...

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    • If he really wanted to get to know u more.. He'll initiate the contact. We men are not that different from women on this.. If I liked the girl a lot I go nuts wanting to text her and see her,

      I mentioned other options and recommended other self activities to take things off ur mind, u'll start to wonder why hasn't he texted u yet and so on till u got nuts.

      So no u shouldn't text him everyday, the saying "less is more" applies here.. assuming he was being honest and really need distance to appreciate u, he'll miss u the less he talks to u, the distance will help him remember why he fell for u so quick. Vice versa

    • Thanks that makes lots of sense! I'll keep your advice :)


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  • yea making the same mistake is a good idea... you should text him every second...

  • no maybe once a week or every other week


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  • No, if you broke up it was for a reason. Let things cool down. Don't text them every day because that can be seen as you trying to rush back into a relationship with them again. Give them their space and if they want to get back together they'll let you know.