After agreeing to hang out she said this?

We met online start talking on the phone , we agreed to hag out then she got mixed up with the days and thought we would hang out last weekend when i told her no, she ignored me two days i called her her phone was off when she opened it i told her that we will hang out next weekend and this is what i told her from the start she said I understand its not ur fault but i went to the salon before that day for you dumbass and i felt stupid because im bot sure now how our realtionship will be i got used to u so soon and now im bot sure what will happen when i told her i dint know what to say , because im not looking for realtionship just having fun , she said uts better dont say anything, whats going on with her?


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  • Yea, thats why i don't do online like that. Something is usually off. Thats a deep pool bro, instead of being hung up on this one, throw the line back in and see what else comes up.


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  • Did you ever meet before?

    • No,.

    • Then are you sure you want to meet her? A woman that is thinking of a relationship with a guy she never met... sounds quite desperate and needy.

  • She wants a relationship. You don't.


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