Why the lies? SERIOUSLY?

My bestfriend and I ended up sleeping together last Tuesday. We had unprotected sex in his home which he shares with his girlfriend. Now I know I know. Why would I put myself in that situation. See we dated for a year but he didn't want his girlfriend to know because she would object to us remaining friends.

Anyways I'm potentially with child and so i asked him what we were going to do. He said I would mess up his plans because he is planning to propose to her next week. I'm in total shock right now. And I'm not sure how to handle this situation. Like do I do the total bitch thing and tell her what happened or do I just hate him and walk away. Keep feeling used. I mean just a couple nights ago u were so in love with me that u wanted a baby now I'm ruining ur plans? Help.

This is the shortened version of what's going on between us. But I think it mentions the important details.

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He is now ENGAGED... I'm NOT pregnant. I haven't spoken to him. I WILL NOT talk to him. BUT I'm going to send her a message with him included saying tell her or I will!!! ~ the end.


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  • Right thing to do is tell her. Safe thing to do is walk away. Combine them and you have a baby to worry about.

    • Awe man. This is so true.

    • Yep it's hard no matter what you choose at this point.


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  • get a preg test. I think you need to talk to the guy if you are pregnant and he needs to step up and help you raise the kid. he should man up and tell his girlfriend though. It is not your right to tell her.

  • abort the child... avoid the father... The girlfriend is an overly-trusting loser... she deserves the grief of having a cheating boyfriend. The urge to "do the right thing" and tell her will be strong, but if you don't want things to get uglier, just run for the hills... Besides, it takes two to make a baby... You're equally at fault... So do not mess the situation up further

    • Lolol. Man this post kept it real. I do agree to leave it alone at this point. Slept on it and now I'm just over the situation.

  • I would get you tickets to the jerry springer show and have you go as a guest on the show. Do you have a boyfriend? How would he feel if he knew you were cheating on him? Even if you don't have a boyfriend why would you put your baby in this whole mess? Your a mother now learn how to be a good role model for you child don't be a home wrecker.

    • I am single. I won't call it being a home wrecker. Lol but I see where you are going with this. Yes I got in the bed and we had sex. But why would he purposely "let it go" inside me. 1 thing to cheat. Another to cheat irresponsible. That's all on him? No?

    • Its half on him and half on you you knew he had a girlfriend so you're just as guilty cheating is cheating no matter what. Just like how stealing is stealing even when the government does it if they actually got caught they would have to pay the consequences as well.

  • Walk away. Take plan B.

    • 😢 the hardest thing to do.

  • You are pregnant. Vote A Vote B who cares. What are you doing about the baby?

    • I'm pretty sure I am. But I'm going to take a test tomorrow. I'm in shock because I just found out about the proposal today.

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    • If you have a regular cycle It's highly unlikely you are if it happened last Tuesday

    • Highly fertile according to this app. But let's see.

  • Maybe this boy is confused between you two girls (I wish I had this kind of problem, I don't have a girl!) I think that you now have time to think about the situation. If you were pregnant, the other should know... In this case, do you think that she really prefers to be with the other? --> If this is the case, forget about him in this sense


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  • Wow what an asshole. Tell the girls right away, it's the right thing to do. She deserves to know, and he doesn't deserve to have her. Don't start drama though, just say it in a casual way. Don't threaten him with telling her, just do it. It's important especially if you're about to have a baby.

    • Yes that's the conflict I'm feeling. I don't wanna come off like I want revenge or that I'm jealous.

  • B... Let's not complicate things as it is... Say your last good bye and disappear from his life.

    • Those are my last goodbyes lolol

  • Tell her because she has the right to know her boy is cheating. He isn't just using u he is also using her if he is sleeping with u but also with her. You may feel ur ruining their relationship but its better than her marrying a cheater. Do whats right and tell her. If you were in her position would u wanna know or not?

    • I would want to know yes this is true. But honestly she wouldn't leave him. I guess that's another reason I should say something. Because regardless she will still be there with him.