24 year old woman dating a 30 year old guy?

After being in a LTR with my ex for almost 7 years, he cheated on me and left me. I've been single 7 months now, and I began talking to this amazing guy. We hit it off right away and really began falling for eachother. We each have one 5 yr old child each, and are seeking the same kind of relationship. The child's mother left the picture and he basically raises his child on his own, with help from his parents as he works full-time. He's got his career, his own 3 bedroom home. He's responsible, caring, and wants to get married and have another child within the next 5 years. I want the same thing.
We're both mature, and taking this slowly. I'm worried to tell my family about him because of his age. He's also white, and I've never dated a white guy, and they also still love my ex (father of my child) who is 24. I didn't want to date guys my age because they don't have their lives together, and I think I may have found "the one" as time goes on and feelings get stronger. How should I tell them, and is it even a big age difference?
*btw I'm latina


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  • Age difference doesn matter when one of the people is too young. You're 24, it's not your case. 6 years isn't a huge difference actually in your case (I've seen bigger age differences actually). About him being white, I don't think it matters too. We're all humans, aren't we? It's your life and not your family's life. If you feel you'll be happy with him, ignore those differences and go ahead!


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  • the age difference between you two is barely anything noteworthy


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  • Go for it girl! If he makes you feel happy stay with him. I don't think 6 year age gap is that big :)

  • 24 and 30 are not that far apart. Neither are Latina and white.. Were you born in the country as he?
    Id take it slow and let the relationship develop.
    Good luck

    • He's British and I'm American. I'm afraid of what my family will say because they'll probably think that if he marries me I'll move with him to his native England (with my child too of course). It would be true.

    • That may be true. But you got to live your life and do the right thing for yiu and your child.
      Besides they'll have a place to visit every year.