Do you ever say no to people who ask you out because you think you'll be bad for them?

Even if you like them a lot?


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  • I never get asked out, so no.
    BUT I have asked out guys, and I'm glad they all said no because I consider myself an awful person and I would have only ended up hurting them, even though I liked them very much and sometimes wish they had said yes.

    • that's exactly how I feel, except to the people that asked me and I said no...

    • i like you haha. you're so open minded

    • Who, me?


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What Guys Said 2

  • Because I will be bad for them.. No.. Because I don't think we would be a good match... Yes.

  • Im very open-minded when it comes to first dates. Its only one date! And I've never been on a bad date yet! Dates are funn, exciting, and simple!

    • if you haven't been on a bad date yet, you haven't been on too many dates...

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    • how is that a dangerous assumption? And you can only really control the conversation if you're with a very complacent woman

    • you're right, the assumption is irrelevant. Girls aren't as hard as guys say they are. Lets say for arguments sake they are all complacent, kudos for me for being able to pinpoint complacent girls time and time again and ask them out!

What Girls Said 2

  • Yes I've done that. I think it's presumptuous arrogant self important and melo dramatic. I wouldn't do that now but I have done.

  • Yes I do. And not because I'm a lot of trouble, but because I don't date much and I don't know how I'll react in a relationship setting.