What the heck happened, what did I miss?

Ok, about 2 months ago I went to a strip club with a buddy of mine. I have no illusions about why I go to a sc, I fully understand that 99.9% of anything that comes out of a strippers mouth is just "game" to get my money. That is fine. Its the reason I go. However this particular night one dancer sat down beside me and we started chatting. Before I knew it I found myself really digging this girl. There was nothing really "special" about her, she wasn't especially "beautiful", she didn't have the best body, she wasn't the most refined woman I have met but yet I found myself really attracted to her. As the night wore on I finally gave in a bought a lap dance from her. It was durng this dance that she started telling me how attracted to me she was, and she wasn't sure why. (At first I was skeptical thinking this was normal "game speak" for her) then she did something I had never encountered before, she asked me for MY number then proceeded to call me so I would then have her number. So for the next few weeks we chatted a bit via text (I was still pretty skeptical about her true intentions, only because I had not met someone I felt this way about in a very long time) When I asked her to meet up outside of the club she was hesitant which I could kind of understand. So I went to the club another time when she was working. That night she spent a lot of time with me and never once asked me to "buy" a dance or anything like that. Eventually we met outside of the club. We both claimed to have strong feeling for each other, however, she told me she was scared of getting too evolved with me and she pretty much laid her feelings out. Then one day out of the clear she just stopped talking to me via phone and text so I boldly went to the club one time to see if she would talk to me there, she did a little bit. She was pretty drunk that night. I ended up getting one last dance from her and doing it she actually kissed me on the lips twice. I havnt heard from her since. What happend


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  • Sounds like maybe she's having some struggles. Maybe her friends or the other girls are giving her a hard time about it. Either way, she is still a stripper... I hate to lump them into a stereotype because I'm sure it is not the same for every one of them, but typically their motivation is just money. She might be the kind to develop a faux "relationship" with her patrons to try to get them to come back and see her. Even if that isn't the case, she's acting strange and sounds like she's having some kind of problem or conflict so I would say to just sit back and see what happens. You don't want to push yourself on anyone.

  • She's a stripper dude. They gotta take it up a notch to make some money. You even said she wasn't that attractive, then she probably has a different game to make up for it.


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