Would you date someone from a different religion?

For example if you were Christian would you date a Buddhist or a Muslim...Why or why not.

just wondering

as for me I would take it as a learning opportunity and as long as we respects each others practice I don't see why not.

  • Yeah I don't see why not
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  • I prefer to stick with my own religion
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  • I don't know
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  • I'm a muslim, and believe it or not, I couldn't be happier with any other girl than my catholic girlfriend. my ex was a muslim but I've never seen a great benefit to that, it put only limitations on the way we communicate because we didn't have the same views on everything, a modern muslim is VERY different from a conservative/closed-minded/extremest muslim.

    my current girlfriend always encourages me to pray, attend religious events and prayers and celebrations, and even more she would join me and my family in these sometimes... because she knows the spiritual side is very important in a longterm relationship, and we both know it's best way to eliminate stress, discharge emotional pressure and enlighten up the mood, all of that leads to a better relationship. we believe in the same god, we ask for the same god, so what's the problem!

    what is advised here is just to make sure you are on the right lane, make sure no complications are going to happen in the future and most importantly make sure she/he is the dependent type and won't give a damn about their family or community approval. know all these things and ask all the questions you need to ask before you start anything emotional with them.

    • Wish you both all the best :)

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    • Usually, muslims and atheists don't get along, and muslims who are married to atheists are not practicing, even for an atheist it's impossible that she or he would marry a practicing muslim or christian unless she or he wants to learn about the religion and they're seriously thinking of converting/starting practicing... the situation you've described doesn't exist. And catholics do marry muslims and only closed minded ones would deny that. Love is more appreciated in the 21th century, thankfully

    • To add more on this, there are actually known lines in the islamic religion that were put by scholars in the past and are derived from the Quran and sunna, stating that a man who is with a christian or a jewish wife should allow her to practice her religion, attend prayers and celebrations and never stand in her way. To children it's just another part of the story if they get to ask her or learn from her about christianity, no conflicts since their parents have had all those conversations before

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  • Since I'm not particularly religious myself it wouldn't bother me much if their beliefs were different, besides it's always interesting to look at life from a different perspective.

  • I'd "hang out" with a person of different belifes, or go on "a" date. But I wouldn't date someone, like go-steady with them. Because I have not intention of forming a serious relationship with someone of another faith. We'd probably agree on a lot of superficial stuff, but disagree on the important stuff. We'd probably even disagree on what's important.

  • I've been in interfaith relationships, and it does take some work, but it's not impossible. As long as both parties are willing to learn about the other's faith, I think it's completely acceptable to date outside of your own religion. I've found that learning about other religions also encourages a person to learn more about their own, so don't be afraid to delve a bit deeper into a topic that some people find difficult and touchy. You might just come out of it a better person.

  • i think religion is fascinating, but I don't practice one myself, if someone want to bring something new to the table, I'd be fine with that. just so long as it didn't infringe on my right to be an individual. I would happily date a Muslim (I find a lot of Islamic people very attractive) but I wouldn't be willing to walk behind him on the streets or cover my face. if I were in a Islamic country, I would respect their customs and wear the proper apparel, but here in the US or if I'm in say Britain, I would not.

    i'm very open to other people's views just so long as they aren't trying to impose them on me. I love culture, but not missionaries.

    • Indeed, religionS are fascinating , a fascinating part of sociology and scial history. I once was in Tunesia during Ramadan and I fasted like they did. I discussed religion with Berber Beduins (Berbers aren't considered to be very religious) in their campment, waiting half a day for a truck to pass by. I was in Cairo (Egypt), at the Al Ahzar (religious) university, just passing by and discussed a whole afternoon about religion with the bearded students.

      Fascinating indeed.

  • i'm Christian fo sure. I've dated a guy who wasn't a Christian...and then one who was. hmmm. it really doesn't matter, it's how they were brought up and how they are-if they're sweet and caring, I'll date him but if he's a jerk no way-so I guess yeah

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  • I once dated a Christian girl. Kissing was Ok but even talking about sex was taboo. I dumped her asap.

  • I'm apatheist (pragmatic atheist indifferent to religion link )

    So is my wife.

    I'd date a religious girl (I did twice and with one of them we got nowhere and her religion was one of the reasonS )

    Marrying her would be a question of a clearly discussed premarital verbal agreement as to which role & place her religion would take in her life and in mine and in that of the eventual children.

  • I don't see why not. The only thing I would have a problem with is if they started telling me my beliefs are wrong. It would definitely be a plus to be the same religion but as long as they don't make fun of my beliefs its all good

  • I chose A..

    I don't really study any religion and I'm no scientist but Buddhism is my choice... because it is simple.. "treat others as you would want to be treated.. be peaceful, do not harm animals no matter how small or insignificant".. that makes sense..

    Similar religious beliefs don't guarantee good companionship.. We all want to find the truth.. some find it in religion.. some find it in science.. The problem is extremism either way. I think we should all be open minded and try to understand what others believe.. you don't have to believe it.. just embrace it and let it go if you don't like it.. This is a way to show basic respect towards your common man or woman. I knew this girl who said that she would definitely change a man's mind to believe in what she believes in order for them to have any kind of relationship.. I asked her why? She said "because he has to believe in what I believe or it won't work out".. I explained to her.. "look there are many ways to get through life.. imagine life as a simple math problem.. 2+2 and the solution to this (life) is 4.. Now, 2+2 is only ONE WAY to get to that solution.. Another way is 8/2 which also leads to 4.. Another way is 6 - 2.. which also leads to 4!.. So you see, Life or End of Life is the Solution.. It doesn't matter HOW you get to that solution.. you get there in whatever way is comfortable for you".. And she seemed shocked and didn't want to accept what I had just told her. But I could care less.. as long as she heard it at least once.. I hope she doesn't still think she can change any man's mind to her liking.

    Science: lets us interpret the physical world

    Religion: helps us cope with reality

    - The belief that all can be explained by science leaves out the human experience: Emotions, compassion, culture.

    - At the same time, holding unexamined spiritual beliefs (which are contradicted by logic, evidence and experience), can lock us into fundamentalist cages.

    I would not mind dating anyone from any religion .. even someone from no religious affiliation.. Personally, I loathe organized religion but my only limit would be, like mentioned before... extremism either towards science or religion can only lead to harm..

    Balance is the key to life.. If we are blinded by the belief that there is only ONE answer (religions vs. science), then it will only take us longer to find the truth.

  • I don't even know what religion really amounts to, so yeah, absolutely I would.

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