Would you date someone from a different religion?

For example if you were Christian would you date a Buddhist or a Muslim...Why or why not.

just wondering

as for me I would take it as a learning opportunity and as long as we respects each others practice I don't see why not.

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  • I'm a muslim, and believe it or not, I couldn't be happier with any other girl than my catholic girlfriend. my ex was a muslim but I've never seen a great benefit to that, it put only limitations on the way we communicate because we didn't have the same views on everything, a modern muslim is VERY different from a conservative/closed-minded/extremest muslim.

    my current girlfriend always encourages me to pray, attend religious events and prayers and celebrations, and even more she would join me and my family in these sometimes... because she knows the spiritual side is very important in a longterm relationship, and we both know it's best way to eliminate stress, discharge emotional pressure and enlighten up the mood, all of that leads to a better relationship. we believe in the same god, we ask for the same god, so what's the problem!

    what is advised here is just to make sure you are on the right lane, make sure no complications are going to happen in the future and most importantly make sure she/he is the dependent type and won't give a damn about their family or community approval. know all these things and ask all the questions you need to ask before you start anything emotional with them.

    • To add more on this, there are actually known lines in the islamic religion that were put by scholars in the past and are derived from the Quran and sunna, stating that a man who is with a christian or a jewish wife should allow her to practice her religion, attend prayers and celebrations and never stand in her way. To children it's just another part of the story if they get to ask her or learn from her about christianity, no conflicts since their parents have had all those conversations before

    • Usually, muslims and atheists don't get along, and muslims who are married to atheists are not practicing, even for an atheist it's impossible that she or he would marry a practicing muslim or christian unless she or he wants to learn about the religion and they're seriously thinking of converting/starting practicing... the situation you've described doesn't exist. And catholics do marry muslims and only closed minded ones would deny that. Love is more appreciated in the 21th century, thankfully

    • Why would the children think that prayer is necessary and important if mom doesn't pray because its just not her thing, because she's non-religous? Dad prays because it seems to fill his spiritual needs, and mom doesn't because she seems to not need to. How do you convince your children that prayer is necessary, and worshipping God is something all people should do, when their daily experience is that its only a personal preference, some people (like mom) don't pray, and its OK.

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  • I am doing so right now. My boyfriend is a pretty serious Christian, and I'm sort of an agnostic Jew if that's possible. His views are more extreme than mine so occasionally we have some conflicts, but they are resolvable.

  • I would totally date someone from a different religion. Maybe not someone who's huge into the religion and goes to synagogue or temple every day, but only because I'm not that dedicated to religion.

  • As long as he is not overly religious and rubs his religion every day in my face - I don't care.

  • it would depend on their religion. I would prefer to stick to my own, but I would date a Jewish person for example. But I would not date a Muslim or anything else...that would be too weird and different.

  • i would date any one from any religion. I'm currently seeing a muslim, as an atheist. I think it's hard for him though.

    But what can I do. It feels right for me to be with him. if he doesn't think it's right than he has to deal with that himself.

  • I guess it makes things easier when you worship the same God and have the same rule that you follow in life. It can get a bit tricky when it comes to differences in opinions especially when god a says this and according to god b, you must do another thing instead to solve your problems.

  • Yes def as long as they don't try to convert me I'm good.

  • No problem for me. I'm Buddhist. We have respect for all other faiths. We don't believe in forcing our beliefs on others.

  • am christian ,catholic ..i went to catholic girls school all my life but am not that religious ...to be honest I don't really care about religion ..i think all religions would be ok except muslims ..they tend to be extremely religious and that's not me at all .

  • I'd "hang out" with a person of different belifes, or go on "a" date. But I wouldn't date someone, like go-steady with them. Because I have not intention of forming a serious relationship with someone of another faith. We'd probably agree on a lot of superficial stuff, but disagree on the important stuff. We'd probably even disagree on what's important.

  • I wouldn't date a Muslim. I'm non religious and too many Muslims are too religious for my tastes. Plus I would get hell from my whole family for going off with one.

  • I am dating someone from a different religion, my boyfriend is catholic and I'm not. We both love each other with all of our hearts and couldn't be happier. I do not care about dating people from different religions because we are all humans and if we really loved someone, we'd respect the others religion even if we do not believe it is right. I think its stupid to not date someone just because of their religion anywayz.

  • I prefer to stick with my own religion.

  • ya, for sure. I am right now

  • I've been in interfaith relationships, and it does take some work, but it's not impossible. As long as both parties are willing to learn about the other's faith, I think it's completely acceptable to date outside of your own religion. I've found that learning about other religions also encourages a person to learn more about their own, so don't be afraid to delve a bit deeper into a topic that some people find difficult and touchy. You might just come out of it a better person.

  • I think the same as you as long as they do not try to change you then it should be ok.

  • I'm a muslim I dated a lot of Christians before, but honestly I knew it wasn't gonna go anywhere since my parents wouldn't let me marry him... and now am with a Muslim his name is even "Mohammed" and we are ingaged. his sweet and all. But just too much jealousy!

  • Hottest white guy ever was a true blood MORMON who went on missions to try to convert ppl. Very intelligent guy, perfect perfect bod, totally did it for me.

    I'm 'atheist' and think his religion is bs, as does most of the rest of the intelligent country. I still respect him for his religiousness tho, because that's his culture.

    I would have SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO dated him and more.

  • I am Christian and I've dated and been close friend's with non-Christians. I would not be able to get into a serious relationship with anyone who is not a strong Christian because there are to many differences in just the way we think.

  • i'm Christian fo sure. I've dated a guy who wasn't a Christian...and then one who was. hmmm. it really doesn't matter, it's how they were brought up and how they are-if they're sweet and caring, I'll date him but if he's a jerk no way-so I guess yeah

  • Im a muslim and I have dated both christina and muslims and to me its not a

    big deal.

  • I don't think that religion really matters. If you like/love someone & they feel the same way then you should be with them.

  • I think its ok as long as you respect ecah others beliefs

  • I dated a Jewish guy and to be honest, my parents weren't too thrilled, and just by attending family events with him at his house, I could tell it wasn't going to work. It was a learning experience though, but it wasn't the situation for me. I was raised Catholic, and I intend to marry someone who is Catholic.

  • No, I wouldn't. For me. If you don't have the same viewpoints on life, the same passion for your religion there will eventually cause a huge breakdown in the relationship.for example If I am a christian and I date an athiest... and I decide to marry the person... what will the children be.. Religions have different viewpoints on life, and one might not agree with the other which will give great conflict and the relationship will probably end.

  • I would say it doesn't matter the religion what matters is how you feel about one another yes I would date someone from another religion.

  • lol I'm muslim and I'm open to any guy of any religion! and I don't care what anyone in my family says about it! Boy we're in the land of the free! :D

    • Thank you bellahgd and jacquesvol for backing me up!! and ceesa...i didn't say that I didn't care what my parents think...i said my family which means my aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. My parents actually do let me follow my heart no matter what religion the guy is. :D

    • "God didn't allow Muslim girls to marry a non-muslim. "

      It's only the Quran that doesn't allow it, a 14 centuries old copy of the Old Testament.

    • Calm down the Ceesa! parents are not always right and don't ALWAYS know what's best for you! and when it comes to love if its good and real no you SHOULDNT care what your family thinks just because of religion!

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  • I am Atheist and I would date someone from any religion as long as they don't try to force me to think how they do.

  • I wouldn't date anyone who was religious...period. However there may be exeptionl circumstances. But I wouldn't give a muslim man a chance. There is no way in the world I would like someone that believes in supressing, depressing, degrading and demoralising women. As if I would ever go out with a man that practices these beliefs and thinks its okay to treat women the way they did hundreds of years ago, why don't you all grow the f.u.c.k up and realise your religion is based on fictional stories written by misogynistic men...also known as the Qur'an. And don't give me the sh*t that islamic religion is beautiful and allah loves us blah blah blah. If you want to comment with sh*t like that don't even bother. You can't brainwash or impose your ungrounded views on me as much as you want to.

    • Of course a religious person like yourself is going to say that I look like a fool. People like you don't like your religion to be questioned, but religion itself is foolish and irrational, I thought by now (thousands of years after religion was invented) people would have come to their senses but obviously not.

    • Please! a Muslim guy is dying to know you, LOL ! Yet ,when you talk about a religion know what you're talking about cause right now you look like a fool :-)

    • When I wrote this I was just using islam as an example but it goes for christanity and other religions too, don't get me wrong. I despise religion in its entirety. Bible, Qur'an and all. Long live atheism.

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  • i've done that before so yes I dated a christian when I'm agnostic

    so yeah it doesn't matter what your religion is (religion is interesting to me anyway)

  • i would experiment with it. but if I saw they were trying to change me or insult my religion I just could not do it.

  • i mean, sure. But they have to be cute nd stuff, and I dnt think a lot of middle eastern guys are cute. I like white guys and black guys prtty much. I might go out with an indian if he was really cute (which I've seen. half black is gorgeous. I've seen a half asian guy who was prtty cute.

    He was like tan and had abs and stuff though.

    Yah. So basically I dnt care wht religion he is.

  • No.

    I would not marry someone unless he was Christian or at least believed in God. So me dating a guy who didn't share the same religious beliefs would be pointless. I'm not gonna date a guy if I already know it will not work out.

  • Yes. I don't see why religion would effect a relationship plus its a cool way to get to learn more about another culture

  • As long as they didn't try to convert me, I wouldn't care.

  • i think it matters, beause so many religions collide with each other!

    But the thing is, if those two are devout to their religion, it's trouble.

    However, if they're just "casual," about it, then, no prob.

  • i don't see why it should matter. as long as you don't try and push your beliefs onto the other person its fine. I'm Catholic and the majority of people I've encountered have been atheist.

  • I'm a christian and I'm pretty hard religious in a true christian way, not all that denominational stuff people like to have. I have no problem dating girls of other religions as all my girlfriends have been, mostly atheist. My main thing is for them to respect my way of life, that few do. I will go to church on Sunday and I will pray over my food. I'm not pushing anything on her so she shouldn't try to push things on me. However I have found many girls that I have been looking at, have push there view on me. Maybe it because I get them to think, few but some of them have come to faith. Maybe it the fact that they are scared of think a new way that makes them scared and want to change me.

    • Ha ha it is kinda funny

    • Haha dude I was like O_o

    • I'm a guy, the sign in mess up that, they have not changed it yet but very witty

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  • I'm Buddhist..

    My mother's a Christian & my father's a Buddhist.

    They're marriage worked out great.

    So I don't see why not either.

    Religion doesn't really matter if your in love with that person. [Not to me anyways.]

    • SinfullySweet,

      IMHO, Buddhism is much more a philosophy than a religion.

    • Why so many thumbs down?

  • I'm not a person who practices any religion but that would not stop me from dating someone religious.

    I respect all religions and those who follow it.

    The only problem is, it's not likely that I would be accepted by those who are religious. Due to certain restrictions in their religions, there's a slim chance that someone with absolutely no beliefs would be accepted. I would gladly date a religious person as long as they would date me.

    [note: By religious here, I mean very religious - those who strictly follow their religions. People who say they have a religion but don't really follow it can't really be considered religious, in my opinion. They just have a religion for the sake of having one. I don't respect those people as much as those who are actually religious.]

    • I like what you said about respecting people more who are actually religious,you see it the way that it is.I'm a Christian who takes it seriously and it annoys me when others call themselves christians,but they don't really follow it fully.They give the faith a bad name I think&the bible talks about not to be that way.But I wouldn't date some who wasn't religious because we won't be on the same page&my faith is a huge part of my life.

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  • i don't believe in anything supernatural, and love evolutionary psych ... I would like to be with someone (if this was a long term meaningful relationship ) that I could have intelligent conversations with... I don't know how easy it would be to get past someone believing in some random diety

  • It's not so much that I wouldn't date people of other religions (as I hold none myself, I consider myself a spiritual Humanist - I believe in God, but I choose not to follow the Biblical commandments. My moral code is based on it, but I diverge in many places)

    It's that would religious people date me? I have a thing against Evangelists and devout Muslims, hypocrisy and blind faith annoy me. But I also have a habit of attracting them, and visa versa. (maybe they are feminine because of their beliefs keep them grounded) However, it never works out. I always end up needing 'saving' for my ways or I end up really p*ssing them off.

    I'll stick to liberal Christians, Buddhists, agnostics and atheists.

  • yeah, id about religion, honestly if it doesn't stir issues . Then let it be

  • I once dated a Christian girl. Kissing was Ok but even talking about sex was taboo. I dumped her asap.

  • I don't see a problem with it. My girlfriend is Jewish, and I'm christian and we don't mind. I could see a problem if like their views are completely against your beliefs, but otherwise I think it doesn't matter.

  • I don't think I would. We'd probs end up falling out about it.

  • I'm a Christian and wouldn't marry a non-believer.

    "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?" 2 Cor 6:14

    • amen! thank you!

    • I'm not a christian, but I second that !

  • my self I am muslim my ex was Christian my best friends wife is christian since there is respect and love there is no problem man,

  • Even though the bible warns of not dating/marrying someone who believes as you do, I can't help who I fall in love with. So no, I would not mind dating someone of a different religion. If they are willing to date me, why shouldn't I be willing to do the same?

  • I'm apatheist (pragmatic atheist indifferent to religion link )

    So is my wife.

    I'd date a religious girl (I did twice and with one of them we got nowhere and her religion was one of the reasonS )

    Marrying her would be a question of a clearly discussed premarital verbal agreement as to which role & place her religion would take in her life and in mine and in that of the eventual children.

  • I chose A..

    I don't really study any religion and I'm no scientist but Buddhism is my choice... because it is simple.. "treat others as you would want to be treated.. be peaceful, do not harm animals no matter how small or insignificant".. that makes sense..

    Similar religious beliefs don't guarantee good companionship.. We all want to find the truth.. some find it in religion.. some find it in science.. The problem is extremism either way. I think we should all be open minded and try to understand what others believe.. you don't have to believe it.. just embrace it and let it go if you don't like it.. This is a way to show basic respect towards your common man or woman. I knew this girl who said that she would definitely change a man's mind to believe in what she believes in order for them to have any kind of relationship.. I asked her why? She said "because he has to believe in what I believe or it won't work out".. I explained to her.. "look there are many ways to get through life.. imagine life as a simple math problem.. 2+2 and the solution to this (life) is 4.. Now, 2+2 is only ONE WAY to get to that solution.. Another way is 8/2 which also leads to 4.. Another way is 6 - 2.. which also leads to 4!.. So you see, Life or End of Life is the Solution.. It doesn't matter HOW you get to that solution.. you get there in whatever way is comfortable for you".. And she seemed shocked and didn't want to accept what I had just told her. But I could care less.. as long as she heard it at least once.. I hope she doesn't still think she can change any man's mind to her liking.

    Science: lets us interpret the physical world

    Religion: helps us cope with reality

    - The belief that all can be explained by science leaves out the human experience: Emotions, compassion, culture.

    - At the same time, holding unexamined spiritual beliefs (which are contradicted by logic, evidence and experience), can lock us into fundamentalist cages.

    I would not mind dating anyone from any religion .. even someone from no religious affiliation.. Personally, I loathe organized religion but my only limit would be, like mentioned before... extremism either towards science or religion can only lead to harm..

    Balance is the key to life.. If we are blinded by the belief that there is only ONE answer (religions vs. science), then it will only take us longer to find the truth.

  • seriously. if genuine feelings of respect and love come into play, than it's nothing you can't handle :).

  • Since my religion is composed entirely of my own personal beliefs, technically everyone on Earth is "from a different religion". So yes, it's either that or nothing.

  • im not religous but some of my stupid family is ... I have no problems sexing the other religions but I guess it might be awkward if I came home with a girl with a dot on her head

    • Accually dot depends if it is a tilak (Red close to the eyebrows)in the hindu relgion then yes it dose signify marriage.....however if it is a bindi (that can be any colour size or shape on the upper forhead)....then it's a peace of jewelry...however a bindi can also as be simbolized as a third eye...to remind people not to judge the world with their eyes but with their mind....

    • Please don't be ignorant.. the dot has nothing to do with religion.. it signifies marriage.

  • I sometimes date pagans but for the most part, I don't have sex with people with religious beliefs. They tend to have some serious baggage around sex that usually isn't worth the effort of trying to fix.

  • I don't see why not. The only thing I would have a problem with is if they started telling me my beliefs are wrong. It would definitely be a plus to be the same religion but as long as they don't make fun of my beliefs its all good

  • f*** religon end of story

  • I'm open to other religions and cultures.

  • catholic girl: ill give you something to confess to

    jewish girl: its ok its 100% kosher

    muslim girl: (I got nothing to say that wouldn't make me sound like a complete ass hole :( )

    Buddist girl: I'll enlighten you into nirvana

    Athesist girl: I'd like preform natural selection with you ;D

    got something for most of them... now the other parts about girls... well there's a whole site to figure out those problems. link

  • For me it would matter more if they were really into religion or not than if they were just from a different religion. I'm an atheist and I would have no problem dating a christian, but I don't think the relationship would work out if she was the kind of person who's going around trying to save everyone. I would actually be really interested to date a Buddhist or a Wiccan though, because those are religions really interest me, even though I don't believe in them myself.

  • i'm muslim

    i would date a girl who's christian or a jew

    i would even consider future

    no problem

  • I am dating someone from a different religion.

    I am agnostic, and my girlfriend is christian. We have been dating for 2 and a half years.

  • Religion should play no part in any decision you ever make in life, it should just be considered tradition, culture, heritage, etc.

    You should date someone if you find each other mutually attractive, fiscally or otherwise.

  • I don't even know what religion really amounts to, so yeah, absolutely I would.

  • I have no problem dating anyone girl from any religion.

  • yeh I would date a girl frm diff religion...because her religion wouldn't make any effect on me as I like to go in church,mosque,temple as well as guru dwara tooo...

  • I would prefer to stay with somebody who was also a christian. Personally I have something against Muslims (its a long story so don't assume I'm just being an idiot) and with a Jew it could get weird if we got married as far as where to take the kids to church.

    • Parto, firstly you need to read more carefully and not being so damn sensitive like muslims stereotypically are.

      As far as my mindset, it is based off what I've seen so can't be helped. Also regarding the war, it is very cliche to say it is pointless but there is a point, though you may not agree with it or think its justifiable.

    • Ah right I just read your comments sorry. Not all Muslims accept domestic violence or violence of any kind. You cannot hate or be against all Muslims because of what's currently going on in Iraq. Whatever goes on there I think is to be blamed on both Muslims and Christians. Its a stupid and pointless war. I'm not saying that you should start dating Muslim girls haha, I just felt the need to comment on what you said about having something against Muslims sorry.

    • You hate all Muslims then? hmm

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  • Yes.

    Finding people to date within my religion is. . . . . . complicated.

  • Since I'm Agnostic, I'd date someone from any religion, but if I was religious I'd only date people in my same religion. Similar values, beliefs, etc. are very important in a real relationship.