I really like this girl but im scared please help?

okay so this girls name is janelle, and she is smart beautiful caring has a amazing personality is funny and puts a smile on my face everytime i see her. i talk to her from 11:00am to 2:00am everyday and i think i love her i understand im only 14 but I've never felt this way about anyone i can't stop thinking about her. when were at school together we always sit next to eachother and weve known eachother for a long time and she knows i like her. everytime i mention i like her though she says she's broken and can't be fixed or she's scared, i dont know if this is saying dont ask me the question or what but im scared of it, i support her the best i can and i kow her past was horrible she's lost a lot of family at such a young age her parents dont respect her and her x all cheat on her. but i support her now trust me about 3 montjhs ago it was a lot worse and it got better but i dont know I've wanted to ask her out for a while but i dont know if she likes me or not, we aso have a lot in common were both gamers both love the color red and we both love shopping and were both funny etc but i dont know what to say i also dont want to hurt her cause she cut in the past and will cut again if upset and i dont want her to she's to special to me. please help me i dont want to lose her in the process.


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  • Just hang out with her. She has gone through a lot so understand her but best you can do is be a ftiend for her. Hang out and be friends, maybe someday you can ask her out if you want, if it feels right. Remember that if she rejects it, its not end of the world.


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  • Listen, by listen I mean read. She never said that she didn't like you. Just keep trying but don't be aggressive cause you will lose her. Start out small than work your way up to bigger and better things. But always put her friendship before the unimportant stuff.


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  • Don't put her on a pedestal kid. Go about your life without thinking about this excessively and you'll be happier