Okay! So last year this guy comes into where I work! Asked me out I said no! I'm having regret! Help?

so this guy starting coming into where I work! He came in a lot and we would have small talk! (He had moved from some other state!) He was a really nice guy! So one day he comes in and we were talking about movies I thought he would ask me to a movie... but in stead asked me to go to a wedding with him! It kinda caught me off guard so I said no! Then he left the store! And I didn't see him for awhile so I saw him again a couple of weeks down the road and spoke to him! But, nothing happen! He was really nice again! Well, I didn't see him for awhile! Well! His brother started coming in and telling me about his brother (the guy who asked me out!) and about how he moved back to his home state! He told me about how stupid he thought it was that he left! I told the brother about the wedding and he knew and I was like yeah he seemed like a nice guy! Well.. the next time the brother comes in he tells me that his brother (the guy who asked me out) was thinking about coming back! Which was like 6 months ago and I haven't seen the brother since!

What should I do? I can't forget about this guy! I feel stupid sometimes for feeling the way I do! The guy was a little older then me but, age doesn't matter right? But, it just doesn't make since to me! Were these guys messing with my head! Because I really think they were genuine! I Guess there's really nothing I can do is there? Any advise would be awesome!

I know his name and everything I tried to find him on Facebook, he doesn't have one... I told my manager about it she completely freaked out! And she was like he was a rapest and all this kinda stuff! He was a very nice guy! Maybe a little to forward! But, I HONESTLY DON't thing he would have hurt me! So I serched his name and found nothin. I did it so I would have clarity of mind! One of my friends told me I should have wrote him a letter explainig why I said no! That would've been weird Right?
He was looking at me like no one has ever looked at me before! It's so sad because it might really be over! All these things kept happening! Like his brother telling me he was going to come back! I mean! What the heck! Will someone give me there advise!


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  • Tell his brother that you like him and that regret not going out with him. Sometimes you just got to live in the moment. If a guy invited me to a wedding, yes I would be caught off guard but if I thought the guy was cute, I mean why not? It's not too late. Just ask the guys brother for his number.

    • Thank you! I really think I will ask the brother! Hopefully I'll see him! How would I ask without sounding like a complete idiot?


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  • yeah maybe next time you'll know not to be a stuffy bitch and let opportunities pass you up. we all got regrets. you either remember em next time a guy asks you out or you keep on repeating the same mistakes.

  • Ok. Move on learn from mistakes

  • Six months is a long time. Who knows how long it will be until you next encounter. It could happen, but I wouldn't bank on it.

    From my personal experiences, you will find another person who will sweep you off your feet, taking your breath away and along with it the memory of long lost loves. (That's kind of poetic).

    If he does come around again be upfront and in the mean time don't let your mind be so caught up on the past that you miss the gift of the present!


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