Why do some girls go on dating sites if they have no intention of meeting anyone?

So I spoke to this girl on a dating site for the past week and then finally asked her out and she said, I don't know maybe and that she's apprehensive about meeting people she doesn't know.

I know there's other girls out there and she's not the only one I'm talking to but the point is I just don't see why some girls go on there and get surprised when a guy they talk to asks them out after awhile. I had another one that I spoke to for a month and then when I finally asked her out, she said sorry Im not comfortable with doing that.

Are these people just looking for attention or are they just bored? Are they using it as an ego boost? It just doesn't make sense to use those sites as a time waster.


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  • I think they don't know what they want and are just hoping something will mysteriously happen and they'll know exactly what to do. I don't think most people like this are doing it out of meanness or ego, they're just wishy washy about making a decision.

    • Yeah I guess I could see that. They're probably just testing it out. I think a lot of the creeps and perks ruin it for people who are legitimately looking for a relationship though. I've heard horror stories from some of the girls I've met off there like guys sending nudes or dirty messages right off the bat.

    • Totally! I used Match and it was ok, but I've seen some crazy stuff from friends & family on okcupid and whatnot. :S

    • Yeah I've only used pof and okcupid. I think because they're free you get tons of people who are just looking for hookups.


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  • Most people in general join dating sites just to chat.

    • Yeah, but it's like you don't need one of those sites just to do that. You can go on forums, Facebook, etc.

  • Because it's most known for failures, night stands and the intention of having some fun, forgetting an ex.." instead of a serious relationship. However they do exist if you know how to seek for them online!

    • Yeah that's maybe why none of the girls I have met off those sites has led to anything serious. The one time I thought I was getting a relationship, I got rebounded.

    • Yeah I agree, I believe that they tend to make their profiles look perfect too. If she has the intention of something real, she wouldn't like to start a relationship on lies!

    • Well here's the thing. On her profile, she did mention she just got out of a relationship and wanted to take it slow but ended up doing the opposite. Before we met in person, she'd call me every day, beg me to talk while I was out with friends or about to go to bed, and basically throw herself at me. This really messed with my head especially having no relationship experience. I'm not a virgin and I have dated but I've never had an actual gf.

  • To find out if they are date-able.

  • She probably doesn't get a lot attention from boys and she seeing how many boys will date her or she just shy and freaked out. Or she is a whore.


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  • Just looking for attention.

    People can argue against this however long they want, but the simple fact is that these girls are going to a site specifically for finding a relationship. Creating an account and setting it up. And then using that account, with no intention of finding a relationship.

    • Yeah you see all kinds, some looking for a serious relationship, some looking for hookups, "friends", and attention.

      Online dating is good as an alternative, but it sucks if that makes any sense lol.