Do I have a reason to be nervous around her?

There is this girl I like who I am almost certain likes me back (stares at me and flips her hair, starts random convos with me, etc). although there is one thing holding me back from really getting close with her and engaging more with her. She is skinny and I am a tiny bit fluffy. Although I have a lot of muscle mAss and people tell me I look really toned and I have big muscles I feel I am not good enough. I work out a lot and lift weights a lot and do have a lot of muscle and visible abs etc. Advice guys :)?


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What Girls Said 1

  • if you're already almost certain that she feels the same, what reason do you have to hold back? and with all the working out you seem to do, even if you're not in the best shape right now, sounds like you're definitely on your way! so to answer your question, no, i don't think you should be nervous.


What Guys Said 1

  • I know how you feel and no you shouldn't. I know you like her and she is your crush and all. I have experienced those feelings myself. But you have to remember she is a human being. Just think of her and treat her like a normal human being, like the way you approach and talk to your guy friends. This helped me overcome the fear. Better to do something and take a risk and know the result than not do anything and live in the what if world.