GUYS: Help me decipher something?

so, recently one of my best friends, who is a guy, and i hooked up while drunk. during this hook up he said, after i asked him if he liked me, "I like you... but a relationship?" later, when we talked about it sober, he said that he has feelings, but doesn't want a relationship.
Later, I sent him a long email saying that I want to stay friends but need a bit of time off to myself cause this was kinda hard for me because i was insecure about whether he hooked up with me cause of the alcohol instead of actually being attracted. And this was his response: "Part of our hookup was because I see you as beautiful inside and out, and regardless of us ending up in a romantic relationship, i recognize that with us as friends."

Question: From a guy's point of view, the part that specifically says "regardless of us ending up in a romantic relationship", do you think he put that in there to rule out that possibility or to suggest that it could happen?


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  • Well, he's trying to be nice about it, so give him credit for not being an asshole about it, but what you guys had was a drunken hookup, nothing more. He doesn't want to pursue a relationship with you.


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  • If a guy says he doesn't want a relationship with you... this means you are not the one... plain and simple... but remember guys never turn down pussy... even from a "friend"... booty is booty and I think you just got drunk and let your guard down... Men will commit when they find that good girl they can be proud of... but till then its our mindset to get all we can get

  • can't really tell it could mean both, but he did say he didn't want a relationship so Im leaning towards ruling out the possibility.


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