How do guys react to learning their SO's are virgins?

Does it matter to you? Especially the older you are or she is?


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  • I don't know how GUYS act, but personally, when I find out my SO is a virgin, it doesn't really matter so much to me, but I get a little bit turned off when I learn they're waiting. Because chances are, they're not going to engage in sex with me. I definitely respect their decision and everything, but I have a high sexual drive that I can't help, and it just kind of sucks when you can't experience sexual intimacy with someone you love. I mean, I still love them for who they are and everything but it just sucks a little bit if they're not open to it.

    • If they're just nervous about it though, I'd be more than happy to patiently guide and experience with him, taking small steps.


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  • As we are older, it would be shocking that we had reached the SO stage without it coming up.

  • Are you kidding... Ladies , there is only one thing better that you can give a guy... a son... I dont care what any guy out there says... they all wish they could have a woman that is solely and exclusively theirs and only theirs... most men would even sacrifice in other areas to be able to say that...


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