How will he hold my hand?

I've seen a question earlier, about what is the maximum no. date until he can hold her hand. I would like to ask this for myself too.
I am quite shy in front of guys to be honest, my heart beats crazily fast and I can feel I am blushing when I'm talking to guys. When there comes the right person for me, I just want him to hold my hand so badly, but I am a shy person like that, I did't know what to do, I just waited for him to break the touch barrier. I don't know how to hint and I'm afraid to do so even if I know how. So guys, do you just hold your girl's hand? Or do you wait for girls to give hints or something?

I hope I'm not giving him an impression that I'm not ready... we just don't hv any physical contact :/


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  • I've had a few girls go for the arm link before, that's not a big deal doing that. I've usually turned it into holding hands when they've done that. Unless..


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  • I would get a few dates under your belt, then break the touch barrier. not necessarily grab his hand, but brush his arm when you are walking together, and maybe he will get the hint. I dont know how much the height difference is, but maybe put your arm on his shoulder as you walk if you are going for gold.

  • I would, maybe, after the fifth date


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