Can bad breath take away any sparks while kissing?

I have a girlfriend and I really really really like her and might be falling in love... I enjoy making out with her but her breath is sort of bad most of the time while kissing. Can this take away the 'spark' while kissing? Cause I'm not quite sure that I've ever felt a 'spark' while kissing even tho I enjoy it. I don't know why I don't cause she is so hot and I like her a lot and we are so good together and I'm thinking the breath could be a possibility.. Please let me know what you think! :)


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  • You can tell her without actually telling her she has bad breath.
    You can always carry him with you and chew a piece and offer her a piece.
    She's not going to think oh man he thinks I have bad breath... No she's going to think he's being generous in offering me gum


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  • Bad breath and kissing definitely don't mix... As to how you can go about bringing it up without hurting her feelings I haven't the slightest clue

    • He doesn't have to say anything really... when she's talking just throw a tic tac in her mouth.

    • I was gonna call you a dick hole but that could be a legit solution. Just say you were playing around. Then put one in your mouth and say "breath check"it seems legit to me 😐

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  • Well... it can happen in some cases. Even otherwise, there should be no excuse to maintain good oral hygiene. As for me, I certainly wouldn't kiss someone having a bad breath because I myself maintain very high hygiene standards.

    You could try letting her know in a subtle way, that she needs to improve her oral hygiene.