What's better in a guy or girl?

Talking personality and looks, what's better in a partner?
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  • Hot body and outgoing personality
    20% (2)0% (0)18% (2)Vote
  • Average body and outgoing personality
    40% (4)0% (0)36% (4)Vote
  • Shy and quiet with hot body
    20% (2)0% (0)18% (2)Vote
  • Average body with shy and quiet personality
    10% (1)100% (1)18% (2)Vote
  • A bad boy or bad girl
    10% (1)0% (0)10% (1)Vote
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What Girls Said 1

  • I chose hot body and outgoing personality... However, this is assuming by "outgoing" you mean confident and fun... not necessarily a party animal. And I have my own definition of a 'hot body' I consider a 'hot body' the little skinny nerdy guy :)

    • That's what I mean by outgoing: confident and fun.
      I like girls that are confident and fun and that are slender.

What Guys Said 1

  • Average body and shy just like me :p