How to seem less intimidating to guys?

I have been single for a year and a half and I knew some guys like me but they were too afraid to ask me out because they think i'm not that approachable but I am really a nice person.


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  • I don't think it's a matter of intimidation.

    They may be inexperienced, or you haven't shown enough interest in them to give them the green light.

    Tell a guy who likes you how interesting of person they are and how you'd love to hang out with them more, he'll make a move on you in no time.


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  • Why not just approach them and demand their unyielding loyalty?

  • Nothing intimidating about you, they're just weak.

  • I'd assume that it's more the circumstances making you unapproachable than your behaviour. As we get older we have to adjust to different sets of rules governing when it is appropriate to make a move, and something like say asking a woman out that you work with can be higher stakes than asking out someone in school (for example it can cause a lot of trouble for a guy if things don't work out with someone from the workplace).

    Though I do feel there is nothing wrong in this day and age with a women making the first move if she is interested, so if you really like a guy and feel assertive, just ask him, it won't be immasculating and if he likes you back might even be a relief!


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