Guys, is economic difference a problem?

I am a freelance artist/performer, which pretty much means that I am always on a tight budget, and that i don't really earn a lot of money, which I actually don't mind since I'm pretty much having a very interesting and fun life. Anyways, this is something I'm very concious about when dating guys. I've dated different types of guys, some of which are quite fancy men in suits. And I am always worried that the fact that I'm on the low income scale is a problem for men, or a reason for them to turn me down for.
I have gratuated university and have a B. A in arts so it's not like I skipped education or haven't worked hard to archieve my goals.

Note: I do not date men because of their money nor do I like or ask for someone to pay for me, so I'm absolutely not that kind of person.

Is this something guys think about when dating? If so, what can I do?


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  • It's alright for me providing the girl doesn't expect me to provide for her then we're cool.


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  • Dating no, not most guys. They generally dont care about income, they do are about her ability to carry a conversation and be interesting. So hopefully you're well positioned there.

    Marriage some guys will care, some won't, some may anticipate that your career flexibility might work out when and if you have young kids.

    I know a few male artists and they actually find women will date them initially. It's only when they can't blow lots of money they lose some who decide they are cheap. Or after a few months the women start asking when they will get a real job. But you should run into both of those much much less.

  • Okay my opinion is going to be a little on the realistic side so be prepared I may seem like an asshole but this is my honest opinion. Unless you are already famous for your works a BA in art means nothing on most job applications. When you guys start a serious relationship and move in together you will most likely share funds and budget around your incomes. With you being a freelance artist/performer you will not have a solid income so the buget my fall onto the mans paycheck some months. If the man is also not financially stable this could cause issues and fighting depending on how rough the situation gets so keep that in mine. In your relationship you don't want to be doing all of the work but you also don't want your man doing all the work (because that is a lot of pressure) so it would be a good idea to try and both have steady reliable incomes so it will not overburden him because you both know what you will be bringing in each month and be more confortable with your buget. Now this is all what ifs and true love can make a lot of things work and who knows he may have the money where none of this even matters. To me personally I was raised in a family where I was taught to get a degree in something I could always get a well paying job in. My wife is the same way and it's always nice to know that we will be financially secure because of our professions because we can always find well paying work in our fields. Reguardless it is your life so do what makes you happy above all else just keep in the back of your mind that a stable income can benefit a relationship greatly! Hope that helps!

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    • Ah yes I was referring to the states. I do not know how things of that nature work in your country so I would imagine it would be substantially different. Anywho best of luck and hopefully everything will work out for the best!

    • Yes :) Thank you!

  • For me as long as you are working, aren't in debt, and live within your means, that is fine.

    The only issue can be early on if you are doing some nicer things and you can't really ever help pay. Again this is not really a big deal as long as I know you are not a mooch. (Meaning I don't mind paying even if it is for a very fancy evening/weekend. I just don't want a free loader if that makes sense).

    So I would not worry about it too much.

  • economic differences can potentially cause issues in relationship but they definitely do not have to


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  • Well I'm sure most here will say they don't care, but statistically speaking people marry within their own income bracket.
    It might just be that they meet more people like that or it might be that they find they have more in common and there are stereotypes attached with like being called a gold digger or trophy wife. And maybe also less fear about being used for their money