Girlfriend afraid of getting hurt?

We are long distance and I can't see her for a while. I asked if she wanted a break and she started crying and we talk about the future a lot. Plan to move out soon. I told her I'm here not going anywhere but I was getting weird vibes that she wanted a break. I know she loves me a lot is very crazy about me but she doesn't call or text a lot abymore. I've bee. An asshole in the past.. been a dick and said some messed up things but she's still here. Now that feels are getting very real I feel like she's scared.


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  • If you've already apologised for what you've done in the past, then you need to make sure that she understands you're truly sorry. And if she understands that, then there's only two things she'll do: she'll heal from it or she'll leave you. You need to give her time to prove to her that you're not going to act like an asshole and that you realise how badly you fucked up. Prove to her that you're in love with her and that you're going to stick around and see this through. If she can forgive you, then time and dedication is all you can give her. If she can't forgive you, then there's nothing to be done.


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  • It's because you've done it before that's why she is afraid

    • How can I earn her trust I love hearing from her but I don't want to sound all needy and shit if this is just her personality.

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    • I've done that. She accepts everything but still hurt by it.

    • Dang then im useless lol

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  • Ask her what's going on and tell her you are sorry about what you've done. Long distance relationships can work, they just take more effort

    • I've apologized so many times and she's accepted the apology but says it still hurts.

    • Give her space. You're still together. Give her a break and let things cool down. Then ask her how she feels.
      Give it like three weeks

  • Could she be scared of you by any chance?

    • Why do you say that? Is that what it sounds like?

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    • If she's always been like this with communication then it's who she is.

    • Well she used to contact am the time when we could see each other. Only sexual stuff though. Like a dirty photo.. hey come over. Something like that.