She messaged me at a very low point in my life. Should I message her again?

During the summer of 2013, this girl started messaging with me on a dating site. However, at that point, I was in some very difficult situations to include a point of very severe depression (I'm not clinical). We messaged a bit, but I wasn't very active or welcoming. We stopped messaging that October, though she looked at my profile once or twice later on.

Things got better for me. I saw her online again recently and thought "wow, she was really excited to talk to you and yeah you were going through rough stuff, but you could have been a little nicer and more active". I messaged her just before Christmas and apologized to her. I told her that I realized that it had been a while since we spoke, but that if she were up for it, I'd be happy to start messaging again. No response. I know that there are less expensive subscriptions that don't include messaging though there are other ways to interact.

Normally I wouldn't double-message someone, but she seemed like a really nice girl and I liked a lot of the stuff I saw on her profile. Would I seem too eager or desperate to send her another message elaborating a tiny bit more (didn't include contact information, just said she "caught me at a bad time")? You know, just say "in case you can't respond to messages, here's my email. If you don't want to, I'll leave it be."

Thank you.


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  • Yes. Send her those second messages. Just to make sure everything is clear.

    • Thank you. Why wouldn't that weird her out at all though?

    • No. Not at all. I find it completely normal.

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