What are some good ways to get over a girl and what should I do if she comes back?

i've been seeing this girl for about 3 months. I have always known that she is a fairly insecure person and has real trouble trusting guys and has told me before that she uncontrollably pushes people away and wants to be closer to people she can't have.

During the time we were seeing eachother she tended to push me away a lot, but i stuck at it because of how much I liked her. I would never have done anything to hurt her and I tried my best to prove this. I am quite a reserved person so I didn't show her much affection when we were together, mainly because I wasn't sure if she wanted me to. I really regret this now. Other than that I tried to be as caring as I could towards her as I was told that she had been led on a lot in the past.

She has always said she doesn't know how she feels about me and it takes her much longer to like someone. Recently she became very off with me, pushing me away much more than she had done in the past. She said it was because she still doesn't know how she feels about me and that she is really struggling with it. She mentioned that she wanted me to show more affection to her so I decided a nice thing to do was to send flowers to her house. She thanked me and said how lovely they are but they were still pretty blunt texts. She had never been like this before. We would text almost daily and she would text me if I hadn't texted her. She even invited me over to meet her family a few times so I thought this was a good sign.

A few days later she went to a party for new years and the next day I noticed she added a guy on Facebook who had obviously been there too. She was online on Facebook much more after this and he became her top friend on snapchat so it was obvious they had started texting. (I know the stalkings bad but I couldnt help it). It was at this point she completely ignored my texts expressing my feelings for her, so I just said that I can't chase her anymore and she can come to me if she wants. Its been 2 days.


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  • I am so much like that girl, I am trying to change but I don't know what to do. I really need help


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  • she's obviously talking to that guy. Sorry but maybe she has interest in the guy? If she comes back don't take her back her loss you're better than that.


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  • I can feel you bro. I faced the same recently. It's hard not to call/text if we really like someone. But I think it's time to let her go. It's easier said than done but it'll do you good. You will meet other girls who appreciates you.