She texted me pictures?

I dated this girl a couple times and she said she just wanted to be friends. She would still flirt with me but she stopped. About a week ago she started to text me a lot, almost daily and on New Years Eve she drunk dialed me and we talked for like an hr and then she sent me a couple pics of her. Is she interested or just messing with me


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  • She sounds like a bored girl with nothing to do but lead guys on for attention there's tons TONS of this type, don't get emotionally attached dude.

    • It's probably too late in my opinion.

    • You might be right, I imagine that last line " Is she interested or just messing with me" with a shaky about to cry voice, girl got him hook line sinker.

    • Lol so true


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  • I think she is interested but just in sex, i dont think sshe wants you as her bf, just sex. Or at least nothing serious

  • I think she does like you. :)
    If you both talked for like an hour but of course it depends what the topic of the conversation was


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