Is it mandatory for your significant other to always know where you are?

Sometimes I get in a rush and forget to notify my boyfriend that I plan on going out, and due to a personal preference I choose not to use a cellular device. I immediately explain in detail my adventure on my arrival back home. However, lately, my significant other has been getting annoyed at me for disappearing for an hour or two without warning.

My question is... Is it mandatory in a relationship to constantly tell your significant other where your going, what your doing and who your going to be with?

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  • No, you should have some privacy of your own
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  • Givin certian circumstances... *explain please*
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  • Its not mandatory but if you live with him, you should tell him to avoid him thinking you've been kidnapped or something bad happened.

    • I don't live with him, and he has been out of town for the past 17 days on a family trip and he is feeling insecure. So, I'm assuming this is him being insecure.

    • Oh right. Well in that case, you're in no way obliged to feel like you have to tell him where you are all the time. As you said, he probably feels insecure.


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What Guys Said 4

  • I think it is necessary to be able to trust each other. so allways wanting to know where your SO is going is a no go. I am not going to betray you, if you can't trust me, look for an other guy...

  • I think it is ok if you have space, but as you get more serious it is probably more polite to keep one another informed.

  • No, as long as we have an agreement that you're not off lovin' someone else.

    I can hear about it when you get back home.

  • Really depends on the situation. My girlfriend likes knowing where I am, & she tells me what she's up to. But "reporting" every moment of the day? That's unreasonable.


What Girls Said 2

  • You're not a dog, nor a child, therefore he should'nt feel the need to know where you are every minute of every day

  • only if you're their property. (: